Eastern Missouri Climbers Association

What we do:

As climbers who love what Missouri climbing has to offer, we advocate for the development of Eastern Missouri climbing access and crag maintenance to  better our outdoor areas and support our local climbing community

Currently focused around the St. Louis Metro area, we felt the need for a new group that solely focused on Eastern Missouri climbing access and community connection. We are working towards opening and maintaining new routes, problems and climbing areas, as well as providing information to both crag owners and climbers. 

Join our community whether you climb, used to climb, or just find it fun to watch! We will keep you up to date on Eastern Missouri climbing news, events, guides, and photography.

Please reach out to us directly here if you have any questions, or just want to send us a spicy video or photo of your latest climbing adventure in the area!

Mark your calendars!


Yearly Missouri Climbing Survey 2021

Updated  3.14.2024